How Shifting From Print To Digital Could Affect You

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Before the advent of the digital age, information was generally printed and mailed directly to the consumer. However, in today’s market, with the emergence of digital information and sources like social media, the printing industry has faced a massive decline in revenue due to the convenient and inexpensive form of digital communication.

Through the internet, consumers now have access to multiple forms of digital communication via social media, emails, and e-newsletters. Communication through these mediums are inexpensive and at times available for free thereby eliminating the cost of actually printing and mailing. With competition growing and severe cost-cutting techniques being employed, several businesses embraced digital mediums without thinking twice.

Is Digital Better than Print? In short, not always. Here's Why:

While digital mediums did prove effective when they first began, today people are almost immune to advertisements and promotions online. Most promotional emails are marked as spam, and flashy offers on websites are no longer regarded with interest. In fact, the biggest setback of going digital is that many people still want something in their hands to read. It has been proven that an advertisement or information that is printed and mailed have a more significant impact on the consumer, and printed materials are valued higher than digital or social media.

Over the years, we have watched organizations turn from print to digital, and consequently observed their customer base or clientele decline in rapid numbers! In recent studies, it was proven that even though physical prints are considerably more expensive than digital information, the printed material delivers a better return on investment. Sure emails are free, but if those emails are deleted without a response, there is no gain. So, goes the old saying “you get what you pay for.”

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